Articles on PostgreSQL

Repairing Corrupted Indexes with REINDEXing

This article outlines how to rebuild indexes with REINDEX. As an example, we will deliberately corrupt an index for a column that uses a custom ENUM column.

By Christoph Schiessl on PostgreSQL

Generating Random Numbers According to a Probability Distribution

Learn how to generate random numbers in PostgreSQL whose distribution follows the uniform, exponential, or normal probability distribution.

By Christoph Schiessl on PostgreSQL

Custom ENUM Type Columns and ORDER BY

Learn how custom ENUM types in PostgreSQL can affect SELECT queries and ORDER BY clauses. Be mindful of indexing and typecasting.

By Christoph Schiessl on PostgreSQL

Force Index Usage by Manipulating the Query Planner

Learn how to manipulate PostgreSQL's query planner to force it to use your indexes while working on optimizing the performance of your queries.

By Christoph Schiessl on PostgreSQL

Portability via Static Linking of libpq

Learn how to remove LDAP support from PostgreSQL packages to remove indirect dependencies, thereby making your programs more portable across systems.

By Christoph Schiessl on DevOps, PostgreSQL, and Docker

Caching Expensive Queries with MATERIALIZED VIEWs

Learn how to use PostgreSQL's MATERIALIZED VIEWs to improve performance of complex queries. Persist query results and refresh them manually or automatically.

By Christoph Schiessl on PostgreSQL

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