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Christoph Schiessl

Hi, I'm Christoph Schiessl.

I help you build robust and fast web applications.

I'm available for hire as a freelance web developer, so you can take advantage of the more than a decade of experience I have collected working on many projects across several industries. Most of my clients are building web-based SaaS applications in a B2B context and depend on my expertise in various capacities.

More often than not, my involvement includes hands-on development work using technologies like Python, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL. Furthermore, if you already have an established team, I can support you as a technical product manager with a passion for simplifying complex processes. Lastly, I'm also an avid writer and educator who takes pride in breaking down technical concepts into the simplest possible terms.

Recent Articles

I write about Web Development with Python, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL.

Tracking Scroll Depth to Measure Visitor Engagement

Calculate Scroll Depth as a percentage of page height and send custom events to Plausible, the GDPR-compliant analytics platform. Vanilla JavaScript only.

By Christoph Schiessl on JavaScript

Detecting Exit Intent with Vanilla JavaScript

Use event handlers to detect exit intent so you can react to grab your website visitors' attention before leaving and perhaps convert them into repeat visitors.

By Christoph Schiessl on JavaScript

Using Transaction Chaining to Reduce Server Round-Trips

Cut the number of required PostgreSQL server round-trips by up to 50% using the AND CHAIN parameter of the COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements.

By Christoph Schiessl on PostgreSQL

Correctly Link Atom/RSS Feeds with your HTML Pages

Learn how to <link> Atom and RSS feeds from your HTML documents to make them discoverable for clients and, by extension, for your readers.

By Christoph Schiessl

How to Return Two Values from a Python Function

Returning multiple values from a function using tuples. Understand the syntax and how to write correct type annotations.

By Christoph Schiessl on Python

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