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Christoph Schiessl

Hi, I'm Christoph Schiessl.

I help you build robust and fast web applications.

I'm available for hire as a freelance web developer, so you can take advantage of the more than a decade of experience I have collected working on many projects across several industries. Most of my clients are building web-based SaaS applications in a B2B context and depend on my expertise in various capacities.

More often than not, my involvement includes hands-on development work using technologies like Python, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL. Furthermore, if you already have an established team, I can support you as a technical product manager with a passion for simplifying complex processes. Lastly, I'm also a skilled writer who takes pride in breaking down technical concepts into the simplest possible terms.

Recent Articles

I write about Web Development with Python, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL.

Restarting uvicorn Workers with the SIGHUP Signal

Learn about process management in Python's uvicorn web server and how to use signals to restart workers and to increment/decrement the number of workers.

By Christoph Schiessl on Python

Using the If-Match Header to Avoid Collisions

Prevent lost updates in HTTP APIs using ETag and If-Match headers to block conflicting updates and ensure data integrity.

By Christoph Schiessl on Python and FastAPI

Showcasing Weak and Strong ETag Headers with FastAPI

Comparison of strong and weak ETag headers in HTTP caching, with an example using FastAPI to demonstrate their behavior.

By Christoph Schiessl on Python and FastAPI

The Built-In sorted() Function

Python's sorted() function makes sorting easy and performant, guaranteeing stability and allowing descending order and custom mapping.

By Christoph Schiessl on Python

Starting and Stopping uvicorn in the Background

Learn how to start and stop uvicorn in the background using a randomly selected free port number. Useful for running test suites that require live-webservers.

By Christoph Schiessl on Python

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